Every domain added to Domano will automatically have its uptime monitored.

On this page, we'll quickly explain how and when we check your uptime.

How we monitor

To check uptime, we'll send a HEAD request to the domain you provided. If it responds with a 2XX status code, the check passes.

Our pinger can be recognized with the user agent DOMANO_MONITOR/1.0.

Check frequency

Our current monitor system checks your domains every 5 minutes.

As soon as we detect a problem, i.e. your domain responds with anything other than 2XX status, the domain will be put in a high priority queue and will be checked every minute. In this queue - to avoid false positives - we check the domain additionally 3 more times before marking it as down. The moment your domain is marked as down, you'll be notified.

What is downtime?

We classify downtime in 2 ways:

  1. If we receive anything other than a 2XX response, we consider it down.
  2. If the domain takes more than 5 seconds to load, we consider it down.

When a domain takes more than 5 seconds to respond and fails the additional checks, a status code of 0 will be stored. This means the domain was unreachable.

Pausing the monitoring

If you know that your domain will be down/unreachable and don't want to get notified by us, you have the ability to pause your uptime monitoring per domain. Our monitoring system simply omits the paused domains and never put them in the uptime check queue.

Weekly report

Each week, you'll receive an uptime report for all your domains to show you how well they performed.

In it, we show you what percentage of uptime each domain received. If a domain has been down, it'll be subtracted from the total uptime. Paused domains will not be included in the weekly report.

As with everything else, this service can be enabled/disabled on your settings page.