Uptime monitoring and mini CRM

for freelancers and digital agencies

Domano dashboard with overview of domain and website monitoring, downtime, uptime and response time

We monitor your domains and clients, so you can focus on the important stuff

Here's a snippet of what we have to offer:

Uptime monitoring

Worried your domain might go down? We monitor your domains and will report any downtime.

Manage your clients

With our mini CRM you dont need to keep spreadsheets or pay big bucks to manage your clients.

Certificate monitoring

On top of validating your certificates, we'll notify you if the certificates are about to expire.

Instant alerts

If we detect anything out of the ordinary, we'll let you know by notifications and emails.

Techstack overview

We scrape your domains for technologies used so you can make sure you're running the latest versions.


We provide support for multiple chat clients such as Slack and Discord. We also have custom webhooks.

Domano realtime monitor wallboard for domains and websites

Monitor your sites like a pro

We offer a realtime monitoring wallboard, perfect for a second screen in your office or tablet at home.

No matter where you might be, you can quickly get detailed overview about response time, history and uptime.

To this day, we've run 28.468.800 monitor checks

10 day free trial

We're confident that once you've tried our service, you'll love it.

That's why we offer a free trial. No credit card needed.

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Every plan has access to all features, just let us know how many domains you want to monitor.

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